Top Swag for 2020

Happy (almost) New Year! A new year means that it’s time for new swag! Promotional products are a great way to impress potential clients, keep your name in their heads, and boost your sales. If you really want to make a splash at your next trade show appearance or event, or you simply want to gift your clients with something fun, you should stock up on some of these stellar, unique items.


Cybersecurity Kits

Individuals are becoming increasingly concerned with cybersecurity. That’s why custom webcam covers have become all the rage. A universal webcam cover works on any laptop or tablet, but there are also ultra-thin webcam covers. Microphone blockers, USB data blockers, and RFID data blocker phone wallets have also become popular.


Pop Sockets

Pop sockets might not be brand-new anymore, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still flying off the shelves. People still want them and continue to buy them. Instead of making your customer buy one, why not give them a custom-branded one instead? Every time they pick up their phone, they’ll be reminded of your business.


Reusable Straws

Being eco-friendly is cool, and all your customers will be able to help save the environment when they use their brand-new reusable straw branded with your logo that you give them at your next trade show! Consider silicone straws and steel straws in all different shapes and sizes.


Functional “Toys”

There’s a reason fidget spinners became so popular and that “toys” like the fidget cube were invented. Fidgeting can help us focus, especially when we’re struggling with an especially difficult project. Fidget cubes, fun cubes, spinner pens, and mini puzzle cubes are great anxiety relievers that anyone would appreciate receiving.

If you’re interested in any of these options, or you want to hear more, give us a call at 320-281-3508!


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