5 Inexpensive Promotional Product Ideas

Clients and employees alike look forward to company giveaways. The smallest swag item can have a big impact. The purpose of giving away goodies is to get noticed and be remembered. T-shirts and paperweights are tired ideas that are easily forgotten, but you have to find items that are universal and inexpensive. So how do you do all of those things without breaking the bank? Here are 5 fresh and inexpensive swag ideas that people will actually want:

Travel Mug:
Can a person ever have too many travel mugs? The answer is no. Providing your customers with a tumbler with your company logo on it is a sure way to get your logo out there. Every time someone takes a sip of that liquid delight also known as coffee, they’ll see your logo. It’s a win-win.

Portable Charger:
Like it or not, we rely on our electronic devices to function. Whether we’re staying connected to friends and family or quickly drafting an email for work, our devices get a lot of use. A portable charger is both practical and functional. Your customers will be happy to receive this swag and they’ll actually use it!

For reasons unknown, pens just sort of grow legs and walk away. As a result, you can never have too many. Plus, who doesn’t have a favorite pen? Now, imagine having someone’s favorite pen be one you gave them that also happens to have your logo on it. You can get quality customized pens for a very reasonable price.

Flash Drives:
This is another item that’s practical and useful. USB flash drives are one of those things that you don’t think about until you absolutely need it. Your swag item could be the thing that saves a client from a stress meltdown.

Smartphone Pockets:
Whether your customers use their smartphone pockets for bank cards or business cards, having either one safely tucked into your smartphone is an awesome option. Plus, smartphone pockets add functionality without a lot of extra bulk like a phone cover can do.

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